We are heading back to China! This is an
amazing adventure that we feel we have been called to, but it is not cheap. What
better purpose for Wesleigh's outgrown clothes than to help bring her sister

Saturday, July 23, 2011

We Love Shoes!!

My baby girl has got some shoes!! I am a definite shoe fanatic, and have obviously decided Wesleigh has to have a ton of shoes too!!

I will list each pair separately with a price. If you would like them, just comment "sold" and an email address. I will invoice through paypal and ship them off immediately! $3 needs to be added for shipping. If you purchase more than one pair, I will absolutely combine shipping.

I have tried to be honest in my assessment of the shoes. Most of them have only been worn a couple of times, if that.

Be sure to click "older posts" until you see them all. There are about 20 pair listed.
Happy Shopping!!

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