We are heading back to China! This is an
amazing adventure that we feel we have been called to, but it is not cheap. What
better purpose for Wesleigh's outgrown clothes than to help bring her sister

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fall Clothes Sale

*For some reason, blogger is not allowing people to post comments!!!! If there is something you want, but can't post, email me at doug922@bellsouth.net. I will put "sold" at the top of the post. Sorry about that!!

Ok...I have not given lots of details in each specific post...just didn't have it in me! All my MJ has been washed on delicate and hung to dry, along with most dresses and "nicer" clothes. If there is anything wrong with the item, I will list that. Ask any questions you would like :)

If you would like an item, just comment "sold" and your email address.

Also, I'm just going to calculate actual shipping. That just seems easier and more fair.

Happy Shopping!

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